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    Programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, are basic units of industrial automation processes…

  • Electrical

    Electrical design is not easy. Experienced electrical engineers and electricians are the ones qualified…

  • Panel

    Timeliness of the build must also be considered, as well as the overall cost and meeting industry standards…

  • Industrial
    Network Management

    Having a dedicated computer network is essential to the operation of a business, especially in the industrial sector…

  • Instrumentation

    Quantity measurement is one of the most important functions within an industrial facility…

  • Building

    Large-scale industrial buildings require coordinated management of day-to-day functions…

  • Systems

    Vertical integration is the process of integrating subsystems according to their functionality…

  • Robotic

    Improving ROI with Robotic Integration Robotic technology is no longer exclusively reserved for large manufacturers,...

  • Innovative Automation Concepts

    Whether it is a full scale control systems migration or an HMI upgrade, we have the experience to establish or improve your automation footprint. We design electrical installations, control panels, and full scale automation installations where we have proven ability managing the oversight of those types of projects. Industrial automation would not be complete without extensive experience with fieldbus on a variety of protocols, in particular Ethernet/IP, Hart, and BACnet. We have experience with industrial network management in coordination with the enterprise IT team to setup a robust and secure remote access to SCADA and historian systems.