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About IAC

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At Innovative Automation Concepts, we aim to support your electronic and automated processes in any way possible. Our experience with electronics, computer processes, and repair work is extensive. We stay up-to-date on the best practices of industrial electronics and automation. Our small size means that we are mobile, readily available, and cost-effective. And above all else, we strive to do the best and most complete work for you. That’s why Innovative Automation Concepts is ready to work with you on all your industrial electronic and industrial automation needs.

Experienced, Committed, and Ready to Go!

Though we are a new company, our team has a high level of experience in the field of industrial electrical maintenance. Our founder has a great aptitude for electrical design and repair, which means we can not only solve problems, we can help you prevent them with an improved design. We pride ourselves on knowing how to work with newer and older proprietary systems, so we can service a wide variety of systems. And as we’re a non-proprietary company, we will work with any company’s hardware or software.

Innovative Automation Concepts has taken on many projects in the past, such as programming a fully functional refining process from scratch and migrating a 2000-point Yokogawa DCS to an Allen Bradley Process Automation Controller. We are not shy about taking on projects of any size and shape, and you can trust that we have the experience to finish them.

Trust Innovative Automation Concepts!

Innovative Automation Concepts’ experience helps you keep your costs low. Our grounded perspective in industrial automation gives us a realistic idea of the length and cost of projects, so you’re fully prepared. However, if something does go amiss, we are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done and at low or no cost to you. We are always readily available to you for questions or on-site work. All these qualities make Innovative Automation Concepts a premier partner for your industrial electrical and industrial automation work.

Trust Innovative Automation Concepts for your industrial electrical and automation projects. We are excited to work with you!